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Music (Nationals)



This year there will be a $25 late fee for EACH music file submitted late (beginning September 4th) or improperly named, not .mp3, or with the wrong class number or vaulter name.


Yes, we get files with the wrong class numbers that were used for other competitions, the wrong format that won’t play on a windows PC and even the wrong vaulter’s names - nick names in the files make it very hard to find the music that matches the name on the Order of Go!


Have ONLY ONE person at your club in charge of uploading all your music to avoid confusion and multiple folders. All music needs to be .MP3 files uploaded via the internet by September 3rd. If you have questions or need help, contact Carolyn Conner BEFORE September 3rd at (415) 246- 4377.


1. Create an account at

2. Select a personal Account - Free for 10gb of secured storage.

3. Create a folder named: YourClubName_Nationals2021

4. Then, upload ALL music files by September 3rd.

5. Share the folder with

6. Add a TXT note File (i.e. ContactInfo.txt) with your club’s music manager’s name, email, mobile phone, and pertinent composite team information


Naming convention for Title and Filename: (use underscores and not spaces or commas) Use the vaulter’s name as it appears in the order of go! Please no nicknames! CLASS NUMBER(s)_CLASS ABREVIATION_CLUB ABBREVIATION_VAULTERNAME_AVANUMBER


RENAME your .MP3 music file attributes Filename and Title the same, Artist is your club name and Album is NATIONALS_2021


PLEASE Do not use asterisks (*) in your music file names. This prevents the zip files downloaded from box from unzipping. This is happening because people are putting 1* , 2* or 3* in their file names.


Class number in the file name should include the letter as well as numeric: Example 33B_BronzeFS_MSV_SallySmith_123 (not just 33_BronzeFS)

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