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Horses and Stabling (West)

WELFARE OF THE HORSE: The AVA requires all those involved in the sport of vaulting to adhere to the Code of Conduct for the welfare of the horse and to acknowledge and accept that at all times the welfare of the Horse must be paramount and must never be subordinated to competitive or commercial influences.


HORSES: All USEF rules pertaining to horses govern ALL horses participating on any day of competition. The judge may excuse from competition any horse which is unsound or otherwise unsuitable.All participating horses MUST be registered with USEF ( All horse owners and trainers of horses in USEF classes must be USEF members. Horses not participating in any USEF classes must still be registered with USEF but their owners and trainers need not be USEF members.


AVA HORSE AWARDS: Horses wishing to be considered for AVA horse High Point Awards must be registered and pay the yearly AVA fee through the AVA Website. 


COGGINS and HEALTH CERTIFICATES: A negative coggins must be provided for each horse brought to the facility, Rabies vaccination, and EHV vaccination (recent as of year 2021). Rhino/Flu vaccination must be done within 6 months of show. A recent (within 30 days) health certification must be provided for any horse crossing a state line into California.  PLEASE NOTE VACCINE REQUIREMENTS. A copy of all papers must be emailed


BUDDY HORSES: All buddy horses must be in bridle and handlers must be properly presented. Handlers may be in riding attire, lunging attire or other appropriate attire. (No shorts, cutoffs or tank tops). Closed toe shoes required. The gate manager or judges may dismiss any buddy horses that are not properly presented, are disruptive or pose any danger and that horse will not be allowed in the arena (as a buddy horse) for the rest of the competition. 


SHARPS CONTAINERS: Sharps containers will be provided in the stabling area for the duration of the competition. Competition management may fine any individual including trainers, owners, exhibitors, or their agents up to $100 for improper disposal of needles and other sharp disposable instruments.


STABLING: (Wednesday August 11 - Sunday, August 15)

Stalls are permanent 10’ x 12’ stalls with roof and doors. Exhibitors need to provide their own water buckets.  Initial 2 bags of shavings are provided for bedding.  The costs of horse stalls for the event is $300. Horses may arrive after 12:00pm Wednesday, August 11, 2021 and must leave the facility no later than 8:00pm Sunday, August 16, 2021. 

All shavings and feed orders can be made online and delivered to your stalls prior to arrival order at  Once savings are delivered, they cannot be returned for a refund. No straw is allowed. Cost of repair for any damage or defacement of property will be charged to the Exhibitor.  EXHIBITOR IS RESPONSIBLE TO INSPECT STALL AND REPORT ANY PRE-EXISTING DAMAGE PRIOR TO USING STALL. 

  • Competitors provide their own hay and feed. 

  • Clubs are not responsible for stripping stalls

  • Absolutely no smoking in the barn area or arenas. All stalls and aisles must be kept clean. All manure and used shavings removed from stalls or trailers must be placed in specified areas, not in garbage cans. All aisles and roadways around barns must be kept open per fire regulations.

  • Horses arriving prior to the official move-in date/time or departing after the official move-out date/time will be charged an additional fee per stall per night.  Arrangements must be made directly with Murieta Equestrian Center ahead of time at 916-985-7334.  August 11 - 15 - Contact barn manager Kelly Holly at 707-481-5282 with questions.

HORSE TRAILERS: Parking is available in designated areas only. No trailers are permitted in barn aisles, including the side and front of the barns.

RV Hook-ups are available at a cost of $45 (full hook up) $40 (water/power hook up) per night to be reserved online at the following link:   Dry camping is not permitted.

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